Marjorie Wilson

Power of: Pure and Ardent Love
Imperator: The Lady of Dawn
Code: Angelic
Flowers: Red Double Pinks (Dianthus Caryophyllus) and Carolina Roses (Rosa Carolina)

Aspect: 2
Domain: 3
Realm: 2
Spirit: 2

Gifts: Durant

Bonds: Nana Marie (foster mom): 3
Her Hotshot Crew: 4
San Bernardino National Forest: 2
Her Domain: 1
The rest are TBD

History: Marjorie’s parents were killed in a car crash when she was very young. With no family to claim her, she entered into the foster system of San Bernardino, California. As a large, unruly girl, she had trouble finding her place until Nana Marie took her in as a tween. After graduating high school, Marjorie had a series of unsatisfying retail and service jobs, before finding work with a seasonal fire crew. The seasonal gig turned into a career, as Marjorie realized she enjoyed the forest, the teamwork, and the occasional thrill of danger. She’s now part of a Hotshot Crew that fights wildland fires, but since their work is mostly in the dry season, she also volunteers for the local fire crew in Idyllwild, CA, where she lives, and sometimes does odd jobs to make ends meet.

Description: Marjorie is a mixed-race black woman with red hair and freckles. She’s tall, thick, and strong from her physically demanding job. She’s usually tanned or sunburned, and frequently smells like smoke. She has a quick temper, and doesn’t necessarily trust people easily.