Episode 11 – Empty Your Mind: Recap

Marjorie rounds up the Familia for a family meeting. Trilochan is meditating about his Estate in the Immanent Grove. He tells Marjorie that he feels like he’s needed in California. Bernardo is partying with some forest nymphs in a stone circle. He’s followed up with the record label and has information to share. They all meet up with Clara in the central treehouse (the one with the wall of crazy).

Marjorie lets the family know that she has finished her introduction to Nobilis society with Domingo, and that she’s learned that the part of his Chancel that they are trying to reach probably has a trapped War-Main in it. She wants to help them, not only find their Chancel, but fight the Excrucian. The Familia agrees, although Bernardo wants to follow up with the Excrucian targeting him, first. He and Trilochan have done some digging into the Silver Javelin record label, and discovered a suspicious music teacher in Portland that they want to look into. (Note: in the next episode we went to Seattle, instead. Close enough, right?)

They talk a little about having a sort of coming-out party for the Familia in Noble society, and about the weird, fifth season that they all feel exists, but are a little clueless about what it is or when it falls. Marjorie is still having some anxiety about their Chancel’s appearance, and Bernardo gets inspired to make a ‘party grove’. Then they decide where to turn next. Bernardo decides to go look into the music teacher, and Trilochan asks Marjorie to accompany him to Mount Shasta to deal with whatever is drawing him there.

On the way, they run into a clearing full of bigfeet (sitting on lawn chairs). Marjorie surreptitiously takes a couple of photos while pretending to text someone, while Trilochan hands out business cards. They move on to find a compound in a small community (they stop for ice cream on the way), that Trilochan identifies as the source of his discomfiture. They ring the bell, and are admitted into the presence of a guru, surrounded by a small circle of people meditating. While they are waiting to talk to the guru, Marjorie plays along and attempts to meditate, only to be swept up in an unnatural emptiness that takes some effort to break out of.

The meeting with the guru is unsatisfying. He looks like a Noble, but doesn’t seem to have any connection to Noble society. As it turns out, he is operating a legal hospice that helps ease terminally ill people into death by helping them ‘give up their worldly connections’. After they’ve asked him some questions, and gotten a little frustrated, his assistant/lawyer threatens to call the authorities if they don’t go, so they leave. Just outside, however, they see Sun Bu-er pull up. It turns out that she has also felt a disturbance in her Estate and located this area as its source. They return to the compound after Sun creates some emptiness where the gates once stood.

They confront the guru (alone, after Sun knocks out his assistant), and Sun, not bothering with small talk, starts raining arrows down on him. The guru attempts to once again empty Marjorie’s mind, but Trilochan instead uses his Estate to root the guru in this reality. A shadow separates from the guru, and tells them that creation is a lie, and he was helping the souls of these people to ‘unbeing’. Sun begins a ritual chant, and the shadow shrinks and turns into a gemstone, which Sun charges Marjorie to guard. As they look up, though, they see a shadowy puppet-master-like figure rearing up over the compound. Sun takes her leave, and Trilochan and Marjorie head back to the Forest.

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  1. Jere Genest · November 28

    Pay attention to the city Bernardo went to in this episode, and where Marjorie goes in episode 12 (when posted). It’s important.