The Bigfoot

A catechism of the Nobles claims, “Commoners come in seven kinds.” These kinds are ordinary humans, ordinary animals, the descendants of Powers and Imperators, mythical beasts, nature spirits, Cammorae, and mystery cultists.

Jenna Moran, Nobilis (2nd edition)

Cryptids are fun, because you can easily put them in any of these categories (yes, even the Cammorae). To add to the seven from the book, I’d add an 8th which is entities from other worlds on the Ash, this would make them in the category of ordinary humans, but what is ordinary on one world is not ordinary on another thanks to the influence of world specific affiliations (e.g. True Gods, Light and Dark for Earth).

California, with its large number of Bigfoot sightings, forests and just crazy looniness, is the start location for this game, which means I had to introduce this hominid.

So far there are elements of nature spirit to them. But time will tell what exactly is going on here.

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