Episode 6 – White Tiger of the West: Recap

Marjorie asks Clara for advice about quitting her job, and Clara eventually suggests telling them that she’s going to work as a consultant for a company that Clara is, apparently, going to set up. She asks Marjorie to give her a day to get the paperwork in order. Marjorie heads back to her apartment in Idyllwild, but very quickly gets called to help with a fire.

While she is working on clearing an area, Marjorie spots a furry humanoid figure cowering by a tree. She tells it to move back to safety, but it tells her that its family is still back in the fire’s path. Marjorie goes to look for them, telling her crew that she may have seen some flammable materials that need to get pulled out of range of the fire. When she goes in further to try to find the bigfoot family, Marjorie instead runs into a Noble, who is holding a torch. He throws it to the ground, and tells her that he was trying to get her attention.

Although he does not introduce himself formally, he reveals that he is a member of the Locust Court, and wants to question her about how she escaped their sentence. Marjorie, who is less than happy to be having this encounter, tells him that she doesn’t know. As far as she’s concerned, their magic was faulty and she was released (she does not mention the couple in the woods, or the drink that the mystery woman spilled over her). Unhappy, but apparently satisfied that Marjorie isn’t outright lying to him, the Noble picks up his torch and leaves. Marjorie is able to find the rest of the bigfoot clan, and lead them to safety, and the fire begins to die down.

Clara meets up with Marjorie to let her know that the new company is all set, and the two of them go out for drinks with the fire crew. Marjorie spends some time explaining to the crew that she’s giving her notice tomorrow, and saying her goodbyes. The next morning, Marjorie formally resigns from the crew. On her way out, she’s met by Eric McClaren, who tells her that the Locust Court has ordered him to be her case worker. After a really ethically shady conversation about making Nobles fall in love for the purposes of blackmail or worse, Marjorie tells him about her adventures in Paris, and he recommends looking into the Cleave of Botany for answers about the golden man.

As she’s headed back to the Forest, Marjorie gets a call from Domingo, who offers to meet up with her that evening and introduce her to another Familia. She also talks briefly to Nana Marie, who mentions that Eric McClaren has been asking her questions about Marjorie. Marjorie tells her he’s a reporter, and to just tell him whatever he wants to know. She briefly heads back to the Forest, then decides to go check up on the bigfeet before heading to Mexico City to meet Domingo. The clan seems fine. Marjorie offers them a place in the Forest if they need shelter, but their matriarch, Brook, tells her that their forest needs them to protect it. Still, Marjorie tells them a way in, in case they ever feel threatened.

Marjorie meets up with Domingo at a club in Mexico City. They drink sangria, and dance, before following a random dancer out back to a door, which is an entrance to the Chancel of the White Tiger of the West, a giant serpent Imperator, who is another of the Roots of the World. When Marjorie questions Domingo as to why he’s so keen on introducing her to these Families in particular, he really doesn’t have a straight answer to give her. As they are talking, they are met by Marochi, the Power of Autumn. He brings them to a tavern, and Domingo waits outside so Marjorie can talk to him alone.

Marochi tells her that Atlatl’s lost journal is in a part of Atlatl’s Chancel that was lost after a fight with an Excrucian Warmain. He also tells her that recovering the journal may allow the Warmain to return, but that there is probably nothing else about the journal that is particularly dangerous. They then have a conversation about the Roots of the World, that turns a bit strange when Marochi tells her that the four Roots are associated with the four seasons, and Marjorie tells him that the Forest has five seasons. She invites Marochi to come to the Forest in autumn, which he happily accepts, and she and Domingo take their leave.

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