Episode 5 – Catastrophe in Paris: Recap

Marjorie and Pierre get ready to head to one of the kiosks selling enchanted padlocks. Their plan is to ask the salesperson about the source of the locks, and, if they’re not forthcoming, grab them and take them to the catacombs under Paris, and attempt to intimidate them into talking. Pierre tells Marjorie that previous attempts to follow the salespeople and try to figure out who they’re working for have all led to dead ends.

When they get to the kiosk, Marjorie can see that the salesman is not actually human — it’s a hollow, moving clay statue. Marjorie fakes buying a lock, while Pierre gets behind the guy to grab him. When they ask about where he’s been getting the locks, he says that he can show them an invoice in the back room. But, of course, instead of showing them anything useful, he tries to shoot Marjorie with some kind of laser. Somewhat less predictably, when Marjorie hits him, the clay statue breaks, and the head opens up to reveal it was being piloted(?) by a housecat, which immediately tries to flee. Marjorie grabs the cat and stuffs it into a sack, and she and Pierre take it to, where else? The catacombs.

After a bit of good cop/bad cop involving a bribe of a delicious fresh fish and a threat of a trip to the vet’s, the cat (it talks, of course it does) gives them an address. Pierre reveals that he’s not able to sense anything about what’s inside, which is only slightly unusual, since Paris has a fair bit of Noble activity. They head to the place, which turns out to be a chocolate shop. Pierre heads for the back door, and Marjorie tries the front. The door is answered by a frail-looking old woman, but when Marjorie barges in and starts asking questions, the woman transforms into a much larger and not-frail robot old woman(?) who attacks Marjorie with a gatling gun.

Marjorie tries to make a break further into the shop, but the gatling granny grabs her. Marjorie attacks a weak point in the robot’s joints, gets free, and runs through a door towards a back room. The room is a workshop of some sort, populated by large humanoid rats(?), who see Marjorie and whip out an assortment of Tommy guns. Marjorie snags a nearby sheet of metal and manages to shield herself from the assault, but the gatling granny has come up from behind. Marjorie ducks under a work table, and fortunately Pierre makes his entrance from the back. He’s wearing a shining suit of armor, and makes quick work of the old woman robot, while the rats mostly flee out the back. Marjorie grabs a fire axe in the hopes of being somewhat more useful in combat later on.

Pierre and Marjorie head upstairs, and discover an observatory with all sorts of strange workings. In the center is some sort of death ray contraption, being manned by a person(?) with gold skin, wearing a golden mask. He fires at Pierre, but the energy that the death ray is using is the stolen love from the padlocks, so Marjorie uses a Miracle to send it all back to its rightful place, and the ray powers down. The golden man says that he was prepared for Pierre (and to demonstrate, he pushes a button on his arm and a black iron cage springs up around him), but not for Marjorie. Rather than let him monologue, Marjorie jumps him. He springs away, but she manages to push the button on his arm and free Pierre.

A window of the observatory opens, and above they see a gyrocopter being piloted by cats. The golden man jumps up to hang on to it, but Marjorie jumps after him, clutching onto his foot. When their weight fails to slow the copter’s ascent, Marjorie attempts to use her axe to climb up the golden man’s body (turns out, he’s not wearing any clothes), but his head separates from his body(!), and the cats grab it, leaving Marjorie and the body to fall back to the observatory below.

Pierre promises to have the observatory/workshop thoroughly investigated, and takes Marjorie out to dinner to thank her for her help. They promise to keep in touch, and share any leads they come up with. Marjorie leaves Paris through the Forest, but once there she discovers a giant, one of the guardians of the Forest, who has just eaten two people. Marjorie initially scolds him, but he swears that they had ‘malice in their hearts’, and their leftover gear indicates that they were military of some sort. Marjorie calls Clara, and she confirms that they were French Foreign Legion, but neither of them have any idea why they were exploring the Forest, or for whom.