Episode 4 – A Tale of Three Cities: Recap

After lunch, Marjorie gets a voice mail from Domingo, who wants to introduce her to a new Familia, as per their deal. He asks her to meet him tomorrow, dawn, in Mukurthi National Park, in Tamil Nadu, India. Clara and Marjorie return to the Forest, and Clara mentions to Marjorie that, in her estimation, Eric McClaren is a likely a proficient killer who enjoys his work. She also jokes about Domingo having a thing for Marjorie, being that he’s the Power of Lost Causes (har, har). They speculate about the Cammora, the Dark, and their Imperator’s alignment (Wild).

When they get to the village, Trilochan finds them and shows them a library that he’s found in the Forest. Marjorie invites him to go along with her the next day. They have a conversation about the Dark, Hell (and how it pertains to Trilochan’s Domain), and the Seasons, and how they interact with the Forest. Trilochan retires for the night, and Marjorie goes to see how Bernardo is doing with his festival preparation.

Bernardo has built a stage and is working on a sound system on the other side of the village. They joke about forming a band (Marjorie on bass, Clara on vocals, Trilochan on keys). Bernardo talks about going to his funeral, which he enjoyed a great deal, and how he’s planning on releasing a series of albums posthumously. They also talk about having conversations with spirits, and the connections between living things.

The next morning, Marjorie and Trilochan head out to Mukurthi National Park. They run into Domingo, who is once again corrupting the vegetation around him. He leads them to a valley, which becomes the Chancel of Jan ben Jan — two cities divided by the headwaters of a great river (one which does not exist in the regular world). He performs a ritual to summon one of the Nobles from this Chancel, Oresha, the Power of the Second Age, who arrives with a host of Djinn and other denizens. Although she obviously has little love for Domingo, Oresha welcomes Marjorie and Trilochan graciously, and invites them to visit (while telling Domingo basically to leave while he still can). They exchange information about their Familias, and ask Oresha about Atlatl’s request to help retrieve their diary. She doesn’t know, but leads them into the city to meet her sister, Satya, the Power of the Mandate.

As they have tea in Satya’s gardens, she tells them that she does not think that Atlatl’s journal will be much of a concern. It is a record of their Familia’s history, which the Familia has had access to previously to no ill effect. She also mentions that a previous power of the Mandate wrote about meeting the Lady of the Dawn, and offers to send them a copy of the story. Trilochan and Marjorie leave the Chancel, with promises to visit again, and to introduce the rest of their Familia.

After they’ve returned to the Forest, Marjorie begins to get a sick feeling in her stomach. Someone or something is injuring her Estate, and she divines that it’s happening somewhere in Paris. She determines that the Forest is connected to the Bois de Vincennes, and quickly sets out.

In Paris, Marjorie tracks the problem down to some padlocks that are attached to a fence, which some gendarmes are in the process of removing. After some confusion as to what exactly is the source of the injury, Marjorie discovers that it’s coming from several locks that were specifically made for tourists, and are sold at several kiosks around the city. The locks have entrapped the energy coming from the feelings of love of the couples that put them up. Marjorie uses a Miracle to return the love to where it belongs (we forgot the order that Domain Miracles go in, and also completely forgot that Preservation was a thing, but it all worked out).

Marjorie can sense several other places around the city with similar locks, so she heads out to reclaim their energy as well. At the next site, however, she is interrupted by a man, dressed in a very fashionable suit, who wants to know what she is doing. He is also a Noble, and after Marjorie explains and introduces herself, he tells her that he is Pierre, the Chevalier of the City of Light. He says that this is not the first time something like this has happened, and, while he foiled the first plot, he didn’t get any information as to who was behind it. He thinks that this gathering of energy is meant to power an attack against him, or the City, and he suggests teaming up to investigate the kiosks, get some more information on the culprits, and hopefully foil the plot.