The Excrucians are all about a desire for authenticity, their most important question is:  can authenticity really be found. The standard of measure of their concept  of authenticity is beyond this cosmos, and thus unknowable in most regards,  to the entities who are of this reality (most Imperators, all Powers, etc).

The central pardox of the Excrucians is that in the very act of  searching for authenticity, you cannot help but already begun to lose it. By  looking at all kinds of rabbit-holes in the hope of finding something that  the Excrucians think is authentic, they end up ignoring the fact that what  is authentic is usually the very act of experiencing for the first time.  Outside of reality, they don’t participate in the first act or experience,  that which is authentic because there are no presuppositions. Once the Excrucians try to gain a remembrance, to replicate that act, it becomes  inauthentic and thus not part of Reality. The very act of their searching, of remembering, of replicating, is artificial and thus antithetical to reality.

I tend to use the Excrucians in a way as outside observers who by their very presence deconstruct the wave-state of reality.

Since the early days of the society of flowers, the Excrucians have sought to undermine the things that make the Nobilis what they are. Often, they struggle not to defeat their enemies but to subvert them—to turn the Powers into broken things, unable or unwilling to serve the cause of Creation.

Excrucians are beautiful. There is something to them that we may look upon, and see more and larger than our own selves. Not that makes us humble before it, but that is worth being humble before; that yields, that is fruitful, when confronted with such humility. They are a part of the vastness of Things; or, rather, they are a like vastness of No Things, rather than simply the absence of the beauty of the world.

Types of Excrucians

  • Warmains are the antithesis, which makes them similar. They directly strike at creation.
  • Mimics aren’t saboteurs, they basically “become” the thing they mimic, except with a few nifty powers and a general loyalty to the excrucian cause. By doing that they undermine creation.
  • Deceivers mimick people, powers and imperators, but they differ from mimics in that they do this sabotage creation by pitting it against itself. Deceivers are liars that reality can’t absorb.
  • Strategists are less like creation then their kin. Warmains are like creation because they oppose it blow by blow. Mimics are like creation because they pretend to be part of it. Deceivers are like creation because they need to understand it to set the various parts of it against each other. Warmains wanna fight it, Mimics wanna be it, Deceivers wanna know it. Strategists are far away from creation, they are none of these things.

Things to think about