The Seasons are an important narrative device in this game.

The understanding of seasons varies dramatically based on where you’re located geographically, coupled with, if applicable, which country colonized a country. In the temperate zones, the seasons are generally split up into four; in tropical zones, usually two; in South Asia, usually six.

Many countries in the temperate world (and those colonized by them) divide the seasons as shown in the chart below.

Northern Hemisphere (Southern)
Spring (Autumn)
March 1 to May 31
March equinox (which occurs on 3/20 to 3/23) to June solstice
Sun moves north over celestial equator
Summer (Winter)
June 1 to August 31
June solstice (which occurs on June 20 to 22 ) to September equinox
Sun is furthest from equator with axis tilted toward sun
Autumn (Spring)
September 1 to November 30
September equinox (which occurs on 9/21 to 9/24) to December solstice
Earth’s axis is perpendicular to an imaginary line from center of Earth to the sun
Winter (Summer)
December 1 to February 28 (29 in a Leap Year)
December solstice (which occurs on 12/20 to 12/23) to March equinox
Sun is directly above the Tropic of Capricorn


Spring is a time of transition. The cold has not yet entirely gone; the warmth has not yet entirely arrived. After the harsh winter weather of cold temperatures, snow and ice, dormancy, and darkness, the arrival of spring signals rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, revitalization, and resurrection. It is a time of hope and joyfulness, a time of beginnings, a time of energy and vigor.


Summer is glorious. It is associated with abundance, fulfillment, and happiness.

The game started in summer. As does wildfire season.

The Imperator of Summer is Jan ben Jan. As he is also the Imperator of the Second Age it can be assumed that earth is in Autumn.


The season is tinged with the sadness of the passing of summer, yet full of rejoicing for the harvest.

The White Tiger of the West is the Imperator of Autumn.


Winter is a time of dormancy. In winter it may seem like all of nature is dead and lifeless, but the world is merely resting. Beneath the surface life persists, awaiting the spring, when it will once again burst forth. The world rests and so does the human soul. Winter is a time for quiet contemplation; a time to slow down and conserve one’s energy.

Winter has a stark kind of beauty. All of nature is stripped down to its bare bones. It’s a still life painted in white and grey.

Fifth Season

Marjorie has revealed the existence of a fifth season, but is unsure what it entails. It is not after summer.

The seasons are linked to the Roots of the World.