The Dark

The Dark is the knotted twiggly horror in the gut of the human condition. It is humanity’s reckless, carelessness and death-fear, it speaks with our own voices.

The Dark is everything that makes us what we oughtn’t be.

Perhaps the Dark is the part of us that wants our dark and twisted and grieving side to be something awesome and magisterial, echoing back out.

The Dark recognizes that life’s purposes could be as much a curse to Creation as a blessing.

The Dark represents the absolute futility of human aspirations.

Known familia of the Dark

“The Dark loves every human voice. A little outcast girl is as fab to it as a President — maybe more so, since she needs more help to let her heart’s voice free. It wants everyone to unleash that voice, you know, to stop holding themselves in, to live free and crazed and wicked as the beasts are wicked and an equal to everybody else.

The Dark will set you free.

The Dark will hold you up as you try to fly, will help you get farther and farther from land, and then it will drop you; for the only thing more beautiful to the Dark than your freedom is your using that freedom  overextend yourself and die. Or to kill yourself in folly or despair, or to tumble helplessly from the ruined cliff of your own ideas.

The Dark doesn’t want anyone to hold you back.

The Dark doesn’t want anyone or anything to get in the way of your living.

And the Dark doesn’t want anything to kill you in the end but you.

The Dark is the wind and the laughter that follows a falling suicide, down into the dark.

It doesn’t really understand you, I guess I should observe. Not any more than the Light does. It’s a mad celebration of who you are and your voice and your freedom and your suicide but it’s too blinded by the dark to really give any meaning to it all. It’s barely even aware of itself when it’s with you, except inasmuch as you are aware of it. It’s listening to the sound of you much more than your specific words.

“There’re few creatures in all Creation less capable of grasping that something you are trying to tell them is genuinely important than the Dark.

But that’s okay, the Dark will say.

You understand you, don’t you?

Isn’t that enough?”

Excerpt From: Jenna Katerin Moran. “Nobilis: Field Guide to the Powers (” iBooks.


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