Episode 2 – The Feathered Serpent: Recap

Marjorie heads out to find a gym where she can work out her many and varied feelings about being en-Nobled. She’s not there long, however, before a man, dressed all in green, and introducing himself as Will Scarlet, rushes in and asks for her help with a breach in the Forest’s defenses. She agrees to help and follows him to a group of outlaws, led by a man who introduces himself as Robin. He tells her that a winged serpent has entered the Forest, and possibly presents a threat. Marjorie borrows an axe, and heads out to deal with it.

The serpent is curled up around a flaming apple tree, and some sort of corruption seems to be pooling on the ground beneath it. It attacks her as she approaches it, and she attempts to fend it off with the axe, but the weapon has no effect. A second attack seems not to injure her bodily, but does seem to have a more worrying effect of causing her to lose focus and motivation. She gathers her courage and grapples with the serpent, attempting to wrench its jaws open, but also retaliate in kind and rip apart its world view.

Marjorie succeeds in wrestling the serpent to the ground, where it changes to the form of a man, and introduces itself as Domingo, the Prince of Lost Causes. Marjorie yells at him for invading the Forest, and for not revealing sooner that he was a Noble, and Domingo responds by apologizing and explaining that he wasn’t sure what the Forest was, only that it had appeared suddenly, and that he was just trying to explore it. He’s very curious about the new Familia, but Marjorie puts him off, asking for his number, and saying she’ll contact him later if they agree that they want to meet him. He leaves, and Marjorie heads back to talk to the others about what just happened.

They end up agreeing to meet up with Domingo’s Familia for dinner in Mexico City. Along the way, they discover that they can all sense pathways through the Forest to various destinations, including Marjorie’s apartment in California, somewhere in the Amazon, and a park in Mexico City. They also discover that they each have tree houses that seem to at least somewhat cater to their various needs. They get dressed up (the Familia style tends towards the flashy), and head out.

Familia Atlatl meets them in the private lounge of a restaurant, and they exchange introductions and pleasantries. Their Imperator is of the Dark, and their Powers include Bats, Waiting, and Anonymity, in addition to Lost Causes. The two groups mingle and talk about Powers, Imperators, the Locust Court, and other Noble things. Tamaya brings up a journal that has been lost to Atlatl, that may be accessible to them through the Forest. Marjorie responds that they may be willing to escort someone from the Atlatl through the Forest, but only after they’ve met other Nobles, and learned whether or not the journal might be dangerous, which seems only fair. They part amicably enough.

The Familia returns to the Forest and has a short debrief session, but everyone is tired and begs off talking about anything in detail until the next morning.