The Thousand-Fold Forest

Stitched together of a thousand forests, present and lost, real and imagined, The Thousand-Fold Forest is new upon the land, the story of its creation untold. It was just there one-day and then there were nobles of the Daughter of Trees.

Walking the forest one comes across ancient ruins, magnificent forests, dark places difficult to traverse and fantastic forested villages. The forest casts a long shadow, it is archaic, it is an antecedent to the human world. To the prosaic world. The forests were first. Never forget that.

The chancel represents forests as places of enigma and paradox; of enchantment and of abandon. A place where subjective categories go awry. In this forest the inanimate may become the animate, the beast a god, the outlaw stand for justice.

The familia has claimed places in a treehouse village that runs from rustic to fabulous fae constructions. It lies close to the Immanent Grove, the Realm’s Heart.

Chancel Attributes:

  • Accessibility – Ubiquitous, Open (5): Almost any forest on earth will lead to the Chancel. Even places that were once forest can have spots that potentially lead to within its borders. These borders shift and are open, allowing almost anyone to find their way within.
    • It is possible to go to any forest through an easy walk (Realm lesser divination finds the path)
  • Defender’s Blessing – Power of 3 (6): Bands of outlaws, knights on sacred quests, mystic animals, ents, faeries and even dragons guard these borders. Be ware those who enter unannounced with hostility in their hearts.
    • Defenders met: Robin Hood, the Green Knight
  • Magical Inhabitants (2): There are many magical inhabitants drawn from story, myth and legend of forests.

Forests known to be interwoven with the Chancel

Forest (or location)LocationNotable TreesSeason of the ChancelEpisodes
Bosque de ChapultepecMexico CityMontezuma cypressSummer2
San Jacinto MountainsSouthern CaliforniaPonderosa pine, Jeffrey pine, Lodgepole pine, Incense cedar, White fir, Red fir, and deciduous oak (high elevations)Summer1, 2, 3 7
Cedars of GodLebanonLebanon CedarWinter1
Mukurthi National ParkWestern Ghats mountain range of South IndiaRhododendronsSummer4
Toolangi State ForestCentral Highlands, Victoria, AustraliaEucalypt forestSummer8
Bois de VincennesParisSpring, Summer4, 5

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