Episode 3 – Punching out Fires: Recap

The Familia meets back up in the morning to discuss a plan of action for the next day or two. Clara brings a white board. They decide that their priorities are to spend some time meditating on their Estates, to meet new Powers and begin trying to find allies, to catch up with their old lives as best they can, to assess the Forest’s defenses, and to introduce themselves to the denizens of the Forest. Clara volunteers to work on defenses, and Bernardo begins planning a festival.

Marjorie goes to visit the Lady. She asks about the woman who freed her from the Locust Court’s mossy prison, but the Lady says she only set things in motion, and is not actually familiar with who might have carried out her will. She warns Marjorie that she sees a shadow looming over her, something she will have to deal with in the near future. She also knits a small doll, and, when she is finished, gives it life. It scampers off, but Marjorie later finds it hanging around outside her treehouse.

After that less-than-illuminating conversation, Marjorie heads home for a bit to check on her former life. As soon as she’s out of the Forest, she gets a text message from Jim, a member of her hotshot crew, and a voice mail from her Nana. She makes sure that Nana is all right, and arranges to meet up with the crew for a rock climbing session. The day passes uneventfully, but that night at the bar, Marjorie notices a fire spirit in the shape of a woman hanging around. After a few not-so-thinly-veiled threats have been made, Marjorie takes her out back and tries to wrestle her into submission. Although she damages the forest fire spirit, she does not find out who might have sent her.

The next day she is called to fight a wild fire, but it ends up being much less damaging than it could have been, and is controlled fairly easily. Marjorie’s supervisor commends the crew for their work, then pulls Marjorie aside to let her know that she’s been getting all sorts of questions about Marjorie. She gives Marjorie the card of Eric McClaren, the one who’s been doing the asking. Marjorie gives him a call, and he’s very eager to meet up with her for lunch the following day.

Back in the Forest, Clara and Trilochan both report the same man asking after them as well. Clara is in the process of extricating herself from whatever service she was in, and Trilochan reports that everyone thinks he’s dead, and maybe that’s for the best (although he is pretty sure his mother now believes he’s a ghost). They agree that Clara should accompany Marjorie to lunch. Clara says that she has also spoken with the Lady, and heard the same thing about a shadow approaching. She also reports that, in addition to Robin and his Merry Men, they have a Green Knight, and some dragons, guarding the Forest.

Marjorie and Clara meet Eric McClaren for lunch the next day at the best restaurant in Idyllwild. He reveals that he’s an agent of the Cammora, and explains a little of who they are. He says he’s been tasked with finding out as much as he can about the new Familia, but he won’t say who by. Since he’s already researched all the mundane details of their lives, he asks them for their ‘truth’, but neither Clara or Marjorie are willing or able to really answer (or, in Marjorie’s case, really understand the question). He pays for lunch, and leaves.