What are we doing – a bit of social contract

“He’s the GM, I’m the Player” is a 1:1 game and is at heart all about collaborative gaming and storytelling.

1:1 Gaming

The advantage of 1:1 gaming, in this case between spouses, is that the two individuals can trust that both are trying to make the game as enjoyable as possible, and conversations are constantly happening to make the game as enjoyable as possible.

1:1 gaming is intense; and, it is intimate. We’re not planning on editing any of that out.


The world of Nobilis touches and is wrapped in the strange, the unusual, the uncanny: this is not the quotidian existence. This is a world where anything, and I do mean anything, can and does have a fantastical double life. In Nobilis anything can happen, and usually does; where the outer shell, so mundane and unexceptional, can hide strange secrets.

And in the heart of this game lies the forest. All stories will eventually turn to it

Forests can represent a barrier, especially one that is dark, mysterious and impenetrable. They can also convey a connotation of encounter and transformation. If you go into the woods you may not return, or if you do, things will have changed. Forests have existed almost forever and are thus more likely to contain creatures or spirits from the dawn of time. Forests take on sentience, have power. Forests are also places of refuge

Themes and modes

Nobilis leans heavily into the wainscot and the crosshatch with it’s chancels, three-fold world, and World Ash. This game embraces that.

This game will be austere in moral, cosmological and psychological consequences. Each and every action will matter and will reverberate. The Symbolic is Real. Spectacular coincidence will matter.

There will be elements of horror and dread, but also fantastic moments of beauty. Nobilis is a game of contrasts and this game will draw many elements that the two of us love.

With the forest being a central element (and character), with the three worlds of Nobilis, landscape itself will be a big element, and psychogeography a huge inspiration. Psychogeography, a thought form put forward initially by the Situationist art movement regarding ‘the hidden landscape of atmospheres, histories, actions and characters which charge environments’.

This Game is a Podcast

Doing a podcast is totally new for us. There are lots of reasons for this, but one has to do with permanence of elements and events in the game.

In RPGs we build off of things that have been already improvised when you need to do something in the game world. Since the work has already been done to integrate this prior chunk of story into the mental picture of the narrative, it comes pre-equipped with a certain degree of “reality-status”.

So with a podcast, we add another element to this mental picture. The podcast is edited, it is shared, we write recaps. This refines and distills the status of the elements we’ve added. This deepens the game, builds new possibilities. The very act of sharing (and the feedback) adds other possibilities. Builds a stronger, richer story with more possibilities.