Handling the Sight

It is a reflexive Difficulty 0 miracle to invoke “the Sight.” It can be turned on and off at will.

The sight darkens and blurs the images of things without power.

Excrucians and (more rarely) Powers can conceal themselves from the Sight.

The default is Aspect, which enables them to identify others of their kind as Nobilis, magical objects as magical, Anchors as Anchors, Imperators as Imperators, Excrucians as Excrucians, and so forth. It will also give them a vague idea of the nature of the Sovereign or object. For example, they might see the rising sun behind the Power of the Dawn, and a faint limning of sunlight about that Power’s Anchor. Powers affiliated with the Wild can occasionally sense pivotal choices and stolen freedoms using the Sight, even through walls. This is not reliable unless they buy a Gift.

Utilizing Domain, the things that have deep connections of love, hatred, weal, or woe to your Estate snap into focus. You can recognize the Powers of Estates with strong connections to your own, and their agents; you can identify with a single glance an Excrucian who is actively attacking your Estate; if you are the Power of Birds, you can know whether an animal preys on birds, or whether a person loves birds, or hates birds, or has been flock to a bird at some point in time. The Power of War could see that a person is deeply scarred by war. The Power of Couches could recognize the CEO of a major couch corporation.

Penetration can be applied to overcome gifts and other obscurings.