Roots of the World

Now hear the fourfold roots of everything

The Roots of the World are Imperators who embody the foundational concepts on which all three views of Earth (Prosaic, Mythic and Spirit) depend. These foundations of are foundation from which springs all things of the earth, including all living creatures, by being ‘mixed’ in different combinations and proportions. Each of the Roots however, retains its own characteristics in the mixture, and each is an eternal Imperator.

The true location of something, in the Spirit World, is measured by rough proximity to these Roots.

Time, in the SpiritWorld, also ties to these Roots. The immediate vicinity of each Root attaches to an Age of the World. In some cases the Imperator of the Age is identical with the corresponding Root, while in others they’re simply closely connected spiritually.

Some think of the four roots as the elements (Fire, Water, Air, Earth) or the Seasons. It is better to think of these symbolically rather than specifically, though nothing prevents them being specific as well.

The Roots of the World give us a biological reality, instead of a mechanistic. Which makes sense on a fruit of the World Ash.

Thoughts on the game:

  • The way the fruit of the Ash has its own roots reminds me of fruit tree propagation for some reason
  • Love and strife are (in some forms) members of our familia (as well as Roots). The connections to these 4 Imperators will be important. (Empedocles away!)
  • They are Jan ben Jan, Tenora-Mishu, White Tiger of the West and Ozroar