Duke of Roots

Trilochan Singh, Duke of Roots

A forester and hydrologist from the city of Itanagar, capital of the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. Or is Trilochan a tiger? Or both? Answers to come.

Power of Roots. Roots here are the subterranean causes, sources. The point at which something begins its course of existence. Power over plants to some extent but a much more symbolic estate.

Estate Properties

  • Roots,the sources of things are hidden
  • Roots, that which is hidden may be uncovered
  • Roots are strong
  • Roots nourish, the past supports us

Flowers: Heart-Shaped brachycorythis  and Chinese Cobra Lilly

Before ennoblement: Trilochan was killed by poachers while protecting a tiger before meeting Hine nui Te Po.